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Why rethinking time in quantum mechanics could help us unite physics

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3D-printed lenses that can ignore certain objects in frame

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Firefighters spray foam on a fire after an earthquake in Napa, California, in 2014

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Wood ink printed as a flat rectangle is programmed to form a complex shape after drying and solidifying. (Ruler is marked in centimeters.)

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Laser beams in the laboratory of optical physics; Shutterstock ID 1831401229; purchase_order: -; job: -; client: -; other: -

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Webb NIRCam composite image of Jupiter from three filters ? F360M (red), F212N (yellow-green), and F150W2 (cyan) ? and alignment due to the planet's rotation.

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Revealing the hidden impact of whole-genome sequencing for newborns

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Aerial image showing swirling water patterns at a waste management facility, Arizona, United States of America

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Octonions: The strange maths that could unite the laws of nature

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Resources provided mutual aid and responded to five new fires in the Fairbanks area on Monday, July 25th. Two fires are connected to downed trees on powerlines, one involved a structure fire that spread into the wildland, one was unable to be located, and the fifth report resulted in crews monitoring an area for fire activity. Aircraft drops retardant on (600) Old Ridge Trail Fire in Alaska. Photo by James Lily (DOF)

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OrganEx technology reverses certain deleterious effects of prolonged ischemia. Representative images of electrocardiogram tracings in the heart(top), immunostainings for albumin in the liver(middle),and actin in the kidney(bottom).The images on the left side represent the organs subjected to a control perfusion, while the images on the right represents the organs subjected to perfusion with theOrganEx technology. Tissue integrity and certain cellular functions have been restored by theOrganEx technology one hour after circulatory arrest.

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